The Role of Lifetime Asset Management in Battery Energy Storage Systems

An Inaccess White Paper


Given the global commitment to a decarbonised energy system and the rapid uptake of renewable energy sources, the role of distributed energy storage has become crucial. Energy storage is a valuable flexibility tool that can act as a buffer between variable generation and demand. To this end, multiple new applications, business models and investment opportunities arise along with revenue stacking possibilities.

Therefore there is a need to enhance the flexibility of energy storage solutions through the combination of multiple operating patterns beyond the initial sizing strategy and focus on asset life management, through capacity augmentation, definition of boundary conditions and target operation patterns, and so on.

To understand better the landscape and the opportunities download our white paper and discover:

  • Comparison of battery technologies
  • Limiting factors for Li-ion battery lifetime and performance
  • Verification of the system performance to support contractual parameters
  • Lifetime asset management and storage flexibility optimisation